Story Telling Dance Theater

Story Telling Dance TheaterThursday, November 4


Using folk tales around the world, Stortelling Dance Theater will perform a story while guiding kids in participation through song, movement and characters! For ages 5- up.

Ghost Hunting for Teens!

Ghost Hunting for Teens

Thursday, October 28

Hunt for ghosts or learn how to create spooky makeup effects at these Halloween-themed events.

Ever wonder if ghosts are real? If they are, how can you tell a real ghost from a fake? Do teens tend to experience poltergeists more than other age groups? A real ghost hunter from SF Ghost Society, Tommy Netzband, will talk about his experiences investigating ghosts and hauntings. He will also show you how to use ghost hunting tools and share some ghostly images and sounds he has caught on DVD. Get the info, then you decide what to believe!

For information or to register, contact: Marla at 415.355.2858 or

Happy Birthday Library!

Today marks our 3rd anniversary in our new building. The past three years have flown by but we love our new building and have received many wonderful comments about it the past 3 years. If you haven't visited us lately, today would be a great day to stop in. And we have air conditioning!

Happy Birthday Glen Park Library!

Teen Guitar Hero Tournament

Thursday, October 21


This year’s Teen Read Week theme is “Books with Beat”! Come celebrate this (R)Oc(k)tober by entering a Guitar Hero Tournament at branch near you! For more information or to register, contact Marla at 355-2858 or

Woody Guthrie and the Great American Folk Song

Woody Guthrie and the Great American Folk Song

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Tim Holt presents a brief history of the American folksong, from the old-time ballads of Appalachia to the Depression-era songs of Woody Guthrie. He will also discuss the origins of our folk music in the British Isles and West Africa.

Holt will sing a variety of American folksongs, representing various aspects of our history and culture, including songs of westward settlement, old-time gospel, Guthrie's original contributions and a couple of Lead Belly classics.
As Holt comments, "The history of the American folksong is really a people's history of this country."