Film Screening: Bag It

Wednesday, November 30th


Glen Park Public Library
2825 Diamond Street

Try going a day without plastic. Plastic is everywhere and infiltrates our lives in unimaginable and frightening ways. In this touching and often flat-out-funny film, we follow “everyman” Jeb Berrier, who is admittedly not a tree hugger, as he embarks on a global tour to unravel the complexities of our plastic world. What starts as a film about plastic bags evolves into a wholesale investigation into plastic and its affect on our waterways, oceans, and even our own bodies. We see how our crazy-for-plastic world has finally caught up to us and what we can do about it.

Bag It has been garnering awards at film festivals across the nation. What started as a documentary about plastic bags evolved into a wholesale investigation into plastics and their effect on our waterways, oceans, and even our bodies.
After the film Alexa Kielty, a representative from SF Environment, will facilitate a discussion and answer questions about the city's recycling programs.

Library Closed for Thanksgiving Day and Day After Thankgiving

All of the San Francisco Public Libraries will be affected by the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday:

Wednesday, November 23rd- All locations close early at 5:00pm
Thursday, November 24th - All locations are closed.
Friday, November 25th - All locations are closed.
Saturday, November 26th- Glen Park will reopen at 1:00pm

Charity Kahn of the JAMband

Monday, November 21
10:30 am
Glen Park Branch Library

Come sing, dance and play with family musician Charity Kahn of the award-winning Charity and the JAMband. Charity's interactive, magical, joyful and above-all fun music-and-dance show will have the library crowd singing, crooning, shaking, swaying, jumping, laughing and imagining. Charity will touch on themes of gratitude and abundance for this special Thanksgiving-week show. For more info on Charity's concerts and programs, visit

Library closed on Friday, November 11, for Veterans' Day

Glen Park Branch and all other San Francisco Public Libraries will be closed on Friday, November 11, for Veteran's Day.

We will re-open on Saturdy, November 12 at 1:00pm.